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Bernhard Nowack
Shareholder & Managing Director
bioSplash GmbH
Phone:        +49 (0)511 / 165 937 40
Welcome to bioSplash!

Since 2012 we are manufacturer of energy drinks.

Since 2015 we have been producing exclusively in Germany. The attribute
"Made in Germany" is very important to us.

You will find us in the center of the city of Hannover in the heart of Germany.

All our products meet the highest quality standards:
International Food Standard 6 IFS 6
- Halal according to the highest standard of the ICRIC
- Inspection by TÜV Süd
- water-based production without whey - for a genuine product

We produce energy drinks not only under our own logo "Protector Energy", but also on request with your company logo and our own design. Feel free to use our experience in the development of the appearance
The can and taste of the drink! Our graphics department turns your ideas into a finished product.
On request, we also take care of stock and logistics.
A trusting cooperation with our business partners is one of the most important reasons for
Our success.

We are looking forward to working with you successfully in the future to support your project.

Bernhard Nowack
Managing Director

We produce your energy drink!

From the idea to your shelves - we take care of everything!
We design the can, take care of filling and manufacturing!

On request:
delivery, dispatch and / or storage of the goods